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Traditional style cabinetry is recognized by a  standard overlay, raised panel doors, and profiled trim details. This style of cabinet often features curves, details, and rich, deep colors.


Transitional style cabinets feature a standard overlay or modified overlay with cleaner lines. Typically a shaker or flat style panel door style with simple details.


Contemporary style cabinetry is typically a simple clean-line application with the least amount of profile. Typically, a slab door and door application, flat face, no trim and clean lines.

Custom cabinetry trends

Open shelving

Open shelving is one of the hottest design trends right now. This trend allows for a light and airy feel to your space while opening it up to feel like there is more room. Make sure you consider that everything is out in the open and be thoughtful about what you put on the shelves. This is a great option for those that want  more design-forward cabinetry.

Custom cabinetry trends


Not all of your cabinets need to be the same color. Add personality and make a statement with color. Some of the most popular colors we are seeing are medium tones and dark, jewel tones.

Custom cabinetry trends

Oak Wood

Using oak wood can give your space a contemporary but warm feel. This also brings in good texture and pairs well with metal hardware and appliances. The oak wood trend is also popular as a way to bring in color without being too dramatic.

Custom cabinetry trends


This is the Marie Kondo effect! With this style, everything is clean-lined and put away. The most common colors for the minimalist are white and bright with sleek and stylish materials.

Custom cabinetry trends

Clean Lines

This has been a popular style of cabinetry for a while now, and it isn’t going anywhere. This is the popular “shaker” style cabinetry you hear so many talk about. Shaker-style cabinets have a recessed panel door with simple clean lines often paired with low-profile hardware.

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